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UAE Asset Will


UAE Asset Will

For non-Muslims who have assets outside the Emirate of Dubai or RAK, the most important reason to make a Will is that UAE courts in general adhere to Sharia Law in any situation where there is no Will in place even if the deceased was a non-Muslim unless the deceased left a Will specifying otherwise. It is therefore important to have a Will in place which accurately reflects who your beneficiaries are to be for your assets in the UAE.

A non-Muslim Will for UAE assets is subject to UAE Federal legislation on inheritance and succession which refers to the home country laws of the deceased. Generally, any assets belonging to an individual can be covered under UAE assets Will which may include real estate property, monies, investment accounts, bank accounts, insurance policy proceeds, valuable jewelry, cars and personal or household belongings that are legally owned by the deceased. There is also a potential risk that any real property in the UAE may still be subject to UAE Shariah law pursuant to Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 governing the Law of Civil Transactions in the UAE (the “UAE Civil Code”). It is therefore recommended to seek advice from a professional legal advisor.

Registration Fee:

There is generally no requirement for the registration and notarization of a UAE Asset Will for non-Muslim expats. It is therefore not a requirement to translate your Wills into Arabic at the time of execution and instead the same can be translated at the time of making an application to court to obtain a probate order. This offers the benefit of avoiding unnecessary costs and inconvenience caused by translating the Will repeatedly each time there are changes to the testator’s circumstances.

Note: Please note that the Wills Department’s professional fees do not include costs of attestation or notarization at the relevant notary and/or translation of Wills language. The costs of such disbursements are in addition to the Wills Department’s professional fees and payment of these disbursements is the client’s responsibility. Any assistance offered in obtaining related third-party services through the Wills Department in its capacity as a facilitator remains subject to terms and conditions as dictated by the relevant third party.

Please consider the above options before completing your Wills questionnaire

Requirements for this Type of Will:

  • Testator must be a non-Muslim
  • Testator must be of at least 21 years of age

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