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Shariah Compliant Will


Shariah Compliant Will

As a Muslim in the UAE you should be aware that Shariah Law principles will automatically apply to the inheritance distribution of your UAE Estate.

As a Muslim expatriate in the UAE, you may wish for a pure Shariah compliant Will to be put into place. A Shariah compliant Will is drafted in line with Islamic Law principles and the testator can specify how he wishes 1/3rd of his Estate to be distributed in the event of his death. He can also specify appointment of Executors, Trustees, and Guardians in addition to instructions relating to his funeral arrangements.

Requirement Fee:

Note: There is currently no fee requirement for the registration and notarization of a Shariah compliant Will.

Please consider the above options before completing your Wills questionnaire

Requirements for this Type of Will:

  • Testator must be a Muslim
  • Testator must be of at least 21 years of age

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