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The Dubai International Financial Centre – Wills and Probate Registry (“WPR”) is a dedicated entity established for the sole purpose of handling probate related matters. WPR allows non-Muslims to register a Will. A DIFC Will is a Will registered with the WPR and is limited to any assets located in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah only. A DIFC Will ensures that Islamic law shall not be considered in the distribution of assets of a non-Muslim.

The DIFC is a common-law jurisdiction, the principle of testamentary disposition is followed under the WPR rules however this is subject to a challenge brought by an heir. Upon death of the testator, the appointed executor under a DIFC Will is able to apply for a grant of probate from the DIFC Court, which once issued is enforceable in Dubai & RAK without the need for further action through the local Courts in Dubai or Ras Al Khaimah.

We can assist you with drafting a Will that ensures the future of your loved ones

As a full-service UAE law firm with registered legal consultants and advocates, we offer expert insight that comes from years and years of experience serving clients across Dubai and the entire UAE. Our team of expert consultants can help you identify the right Will for you, so that you can rest assured the distribution of your property is made to your rightful heirs, when the time arrives.

For non-Muslim expats, this presents an opportunity to secure the future of valuable assets, preventing any type of intervention or circumvention by other parties. More importantly, it puts the testator’s mind at ease, knowing that his assets and loved ones are secured for the foreseeable future and beyond.

Enjoy that same peace of mind today with DIFC Wills in Dubai

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