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About Nasser Malalla Direct Will Writing Service

We offer a quality personal service combined with modern delivery methods. Our prices are highly competitive but reflective of the service that our qualified and experienced team provides.

Choosing the right time to make a Will is never easy but it is certainly something that once accomplished will bring you peace of mind.

Our team consists of local advocates and internationally qualified lawyers who are experienced and qualified in Will writing and are able to guide you through the process with the assistance from our support staff. Our team will work in line with your instructions to assist you with inheritance planning so that you may distribute your estate according to your wishes and so that your family and loved ones will benefit from your life’s hard work.

Your instructions can be taken in a variety of ways: online, by completing an application form or by telephone. Making a Will today will ensure that your estate is protected and the interests of your loved ones are safeguarded.

About Nasser Malalla Advocates & Legal Consultants

Nasser Malalla Advocates & Legal Consultants is a leading law firm in the UAE operating out of its headquarters in Dubai. We provide local and international clients with cost effective and efficient legal advice and representation across a range of practice areas and industry sectors.

We take pride in our commitment to provide clients with what they value: exceptional legal skills, responsiveness and practical solutions delivered with the highest level of professional integrity.

Our approach is clear and straightforward: we work closely with our clients to devise problem solving strategies that are sensitive to our clients’ particular interests, needs and objectives.

We know that our growth depends on listening to the needs of our clients and ensuring that our advice is tailored to their requirements. This is the approach we have always taken and it is the promise we make to all our clients.

To explore our other legal services offering please refer to our website www.nmlaw.ae for additional information.


Wills for Non-Muslims

By not having a Will for your estate in the UAE there is a risk that your estate would be subject to Shariah law of inheritance distribution which can be contrary to your wishes. In the absence of a Will, a UAE Court issuing a decision on an inheritance matter may be inclined to apply Shariah law unless the deceased has made a reasonable effort to request otherwise. Therefore, it is crucial to have a valid Will in place, to not only protect your estate but to also ensure that you have made provisions for the appointment of guardians if you have any minor children.

Choose from a variety of DIFC Registered Wills or a standard UAE Will.


Wills for Muslims

As a Muslim in the UAE you should be aware that Shariah Law principles will automatically apply to the inheritance distribution of your UAE Estate.
Choose from a standard Shariah Compliant Will or UAE Muslim Will with Letters of Consent or an Offshore Corporate Structure Set-up.

Guardianship Letters

A Guardianship Letter is a private declaration which is intended to serve as an interim document regarding guardianship of minor children.